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What is Reversal Of the Norm?


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Get Lit featuring Nick Payola
Nick Payola and ROTN Get Lit over a super choppy beat.

MurderJuana AkeOne Freestyle
AkeOne freestyles a whole track!!

ROTN,Reversal Of The Norm Two Hip Hop  mc's  brought together  at a young age by none other than fate itself.
AkeOne the psychotic genius with his ever so troubling lyricism and mind boggling sense of humor is sure to keep you entertained even if you've never laughed so hard at such outlandish subjects as our character is sure to present. 
And then you have the other half of the ROTN click IzodOne a stranded extra terrestrial who only wants everything under the sun.With their unmatched originality , super fresh production skills and over all knowledge and respect for Hip Hop as a culture Reversal Of The Norm is sure to either breathe new life into a so called dead genre or instill death in any who impose this threat to their beloved culture.    Reversal Of The Norm  Keep it ROTN!